Welcome to the HDBaseT Master eLearning Program!
This program will provide you with the most updated, relevant and useful information to support you in your HDBaseT installations.

 The course consists of three modules:

  1. HDBaseT Master, Part 1: Introduction & Technical Insight

    Gain a deeper understanding of HDBaseT technology and its recommended practices. 

  2. HDBaseT Master, Part 2: 5Play Deep Dive
    Explore the foundation of HDBaseT technology’s 5Play feature set, and learn how to identify each of the 5Play features, along with their capabilities across the evolving versions of HDBaseT.
  3. HDBaseT Master, Part 3: Interoperability & System Design
    Now that you are an expert of HDBaseT technology and its 5Play feature set, learn how to apply this knowledge in HDBaseT system design recommended practices, including, product qualification and selection, cabling and termination for optimal performance, interoperability tips and tricks, and troubleshooting. 

Once you complete all three modules, you will receive an HDBaseT Master Certificate,
which will qualify you to receive the following accreditation:

  • AVIXA: 3 CTS RUs, 3 CTS-D RUs, and 3 CTS-I RUs
  • CEDIA: 3 CEU credits

Click below to access the course. Should you have any questions or technical questions, please contact us at admin@hdbaset.org.